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Women’s Rights and Wrongs

Combating Domestic Violence
Issue No.
Editorial: Dowry Abolition: Beginning with Our Own Lives 3 Dec 79-Feb 1980
Women Against Dowry: Reports of Protest Action in Delhi 3 Jul-Aug 1979
Call for Dowry Boycott 7 Sep-Oct 1981
"Ab Ham Jalkar Nahi Marengi":Report on a Protest Against Domestic Violence 13 Oct-Nov 1982
Seetha Lakshmi: She Refused to Bend or Break 18 Oct-Nov 1983
It is "Normal" for Women to Commit Suicide? 27 Mar -Apr 1985
Dowry: To Ensure Her Happiness or to Disinherit Her? 34 May-Jun 1986
Can Police Reform Husbands? A Review of Crimes Against Women Cell in Delhi 40 May-Jun 1987
Rethinking Dowry Boycott 48 Sep-Oct 1988
Towards More Just Norms for Marriage: Continuing the Dowry Debate 53 Jul-Aug 1989
Inheritance Rights for Women: A Response to Some Commonly Expressed Fears 57 Mar-Apr 1990
Women's Organisations: The Pressure of Unrealistic Expectations 59 Jul-Aug 1990
Supporting Maltreated Women 68 Jan-Feb 1992
Dowry Calculations; Daughter's Rights in Her Parental Family 78 Sep-Oct 1993
Getting Away with Murder: How Law Courts and Police Fail Victims of Domestic Violence 117 Mar-Apr 2000
Laws against Domestic Violence: Underused or Abused? 120 Sep-Oct 2000
Destined to Fail: Inherent Flaws in the Anti-Dowry Legislation 148 May-Jun 2005
Dahej: Zaroorat ya Majboori? (Dowry: Compulsion or Need?)    
Campaign against Sexual Harassment
Sex Harassment and Slander as Weapons of Subjugation 68 Jan-Feb 1992
Need for a Thorough Probe: Complaints from Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension, Delhi University 68 Jan-Feb 1992
Sexual Harassment: Ways to Obtain Redressal at the Workplace 69 Mar-Apr 1992
Follow Up on a Case of Sexual Harassment in Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension, Delhi University 69 Mar-Apr 1992
Further Follow up on Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension, Delhi University Sexual Harassment Case 70 May-Jun 1992
Report of Justice Wad Committee on the Sexual Harassment Case, Deparment of Adult Continuing Education and Extension, Delhi University    
Women, Glamour and Sex Industry
When India “Missed” the Universe 88  
A Case for Freeing Prostitutes From The Clutches of Police 27 Mar-Apr 1985
Manufactured Beauties: India’s Integration into the Global Beauty Industry 143 Jul-Aug 2004
Hypocritical Morality: Mumbai’s Ban on Bar Dancers 149
Jul-Aug 2005
Strengthening Inheritance Laws for Women
Challenging the Denial of Land Rights to Women 13 Nov-Dec 1982
A Significant Decision : Supreme Court Defines Stridhan 27 Mar-Apr 1985
Public Interest Litigation: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward 81 Mar-Apr 1994
Co-ownership Rights for Wives-A Solution Worse than the Problem 84 Sep-Oct 1994
Toiling without Rights: Ho Women of Singhbhum Economic and Political Weekly, No.5 Jan 31, 1987
Judgement of Supreme Court on Maki Bui Case    
Editorial: Dowry Abolition: Beginning with Our Own Lives 3 Dec 79-Feb 1980
Extract from: "Hindu Code Bill: Myth Vs Reality" Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XXIX, No.33 Aug 13, 1994
Report on Lakshmi Mukti Campaign    
Amendment to Hindu Succession Act    
Auratein: Na Ghar Ki Na Ghat Ki (Denial of Inheritance Rights to Women)    
  Books, Films and
Music Cassettes
• Zealous Reformers, Deadly Laws
This book, by one of pioneers of the contemporary women's rights movement in India, delves deeply into legislation and law enforcement to (Read more...)
• Deepening Democracy
Challenges of Governance and
Globalization in India,
Deepening Democracy brings together essays on enduring issues such as human rights, governance, and the impact of globalization on the Indian citizen. The covers a range of issues
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• Women Bhakta Poets:
Contains accounts of the life and poetry of some of the most outstanding women in Indian history from the 6th to the 17th
century — Mirabai, Andal, Avvaiyar, Muktabai, Janabai, Bahinabai, Lal
Ded, Toral, Loyal. Many of these poems had never neen translated into english before  (Read More…)
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