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Issue No : 19

  An Irrpressible Spirit — An Interview With Ismat Chugtai
-Madhu and Ruth

Below The Poverty Line: Musahar And chamar Women In A Bihar Village
-Marika Vicziany

Devdasi Custom And The Fight Against It

After The Protest

Victims, Not Offenders
-Mangala Nori

Letters to Manushi

Need For a Larger Vision
-Devaki Jain

Despite Heavy Odds: Organising Harijan Women in Tamil Nadu Villages
-Burnad Fatima

Blatantly Discriminatory — Christian Personal Law in India

Papad Rollers of Lijjat
-Alaka and Chetna

Short Story By Ismat Chugtai — “All For A Husband”
- Ismat Chugtai

Razia Sultan; Kayamat; Be Abroo; Unmaigal
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• Deepening Democracy
Challenges of Governance and
Globalization in India
(Oxford University Press)
Deepening Democracy brings together essays on enduring issues such as human rights, governance, and the impact of globalization on the Indian citizen. The covers a range of issues from a glimpse of the License-Permit-
Raid Raj as it affects the livelihood of the selfemployed poor, to a critique  (Read More…)
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