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Issue No : 84

  Letters to Manushi

Poem : An Ode and a Palinode
P. Raja

Co-ownership Rights for Wives
– A Solution Worse than the Problem
Madhu Kishwar

Poem : Tears in God's Eyes
Santosh Khanna

Poem : Tomorrow, the Goddess
K. G. Kumar

Nur Jahan
– A Woman's Power in a Mughal Court
Ellison Banks Findly

From Mothers to Daughters
– Matrilineal Families in Kerala
Leela Damodar Menon

Sons vs. Daughters
– Property Laws Against Women
Deepa Agarwal

Short Story: The Loving Son
T. Janakiraman

The Women Betrayed
J. P. Das

Film Reviews: Bandit Queen
Madhu Kishwar

Book Review: May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons
Veena T. Oldenburg

Discussion : Love and Marriage
  Books, Films and
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Latest from Manushi
• Deepening Democracy
Challenges of Governance and
Globalization in India
(Oxford University Press)
Deepening Democracy brings together essays on enduring issues such as human rights, governance, and the impact of globalization on the Indian citizen. The covers a range of issues from a glimpse of the License-Permit-
Raid Raj as it affects the livelihood of the selfemployed poor, to a critique of India’s farm and economic policies. It further discusses the new divides being created by the country’s language policy to the causes and possible remedies for ethnic conflicts in India  (Read More…)
• Women Bhakta Poets:
Contains accounts of the life and poetry of some of the most outstanding women in Indian history from the 6th to the 17th
century — Mirabai, Andal, Avvaiyar, Muktabai, Janabai, Bahinabai, Lal
Ded, Toral, Loyal. Many of these poems had never neen translated into english before  (Read More…)
Off the Beaten Track: Rethinking Gender Justice for Indian Women (OUP)
Religion at the Service of Nationalism and Other Essays (OUP)
In Search of Answers: Indian Women’s Voices from Manushi
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