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Laws, Liberty and Livelihood
Economic Warfare against Rickshaw Owners and Pullers
Cycle Rickshaw: A Post Modern Vehicle 157 Nov-Dec 2006
When Victims are Defamed: The Interdependence of Rickshaw Pullers and Owners 137 Jul-Aug 2003
Follow Up: Denial of Constitutional Equality: Government’s War on Cycle Rickshaw Pullers 134 Jan-Feb 2003
“All that is Necessary is to Get off Their Backs”: Memorandum Submitted to Lt. Governor on behalf of Delhi’s Street Vendors, Rickshaw Pullers and Owners 126 Sep-Oct 2001
License-Quota-Raid Raj: Economic Warfare against Rickshaw Owners and Pullers 125 Jul-Aug 2001
Lok Sunwayi of Rickshaw Pullers & Owners 125 Jul-Aug 2001
In Danger of Sabotage: Historic Intervention by the Prime Minister 125 Jul-Aug 2001
Reforming the Licensing Regime: Prime Minister’s New Policy for Street Hawkers andRickshaw Pullers in Delhi 125 Jul-Aug 2001
  Books, Films and
Music Cassettes
• Zealous Reformers, Deadly Laws
This book, by one of pioneers of the contemporary women's rights movement in India, delves deeply into legislation and law enforcement to (Read more...)
• Deepening Democracy
Challenges of Governance and
Globalization in India,
Deepening Democracy brings together essays on enduring issues such as human rights, governance, and the impact of globalization on the Indian citizen. The covers a range of issues
(Read More…)
• Women Bhakta Poets:
Contains accounts of the life and poetry of some of the most outstanding women in Indian history from the 6th to the 17th
century — Mirabai, Andal, Avvaiyar, Muktabai, Janabai, Bahinabai, Lal
Ded, Toral, Loyal. Many of these poems had never neen translated into english before  (Read More…)
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