Manushi  More than a Magazine-A Cause
Manushi  More than a Magazine-A Cause
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Brief History
The Name and its Meaning
More than a Journal – A Cause
The Impetus for Starting Manushi Magazine
How We Put It Together
Mobilizing Support and Finances
How We Worked
Who Reads Manushi?
Support and Distribution Network
Open Door Policy for Volunteers
Make Common Cause with Manushi

Make Common Cause with Manushi

There are various ways in which every reader can make common cause with Manushi and contribute to its work:

1 - You can help Manushi publications reach more and more people by:

Introducing the magazine to your friends or relatives by giving them gift subscriptions or sharing your own copy with them and encouraging them to subscribe.
b) Requesting the libraries in your city to subscribe
Arranging with bookstalls and magazine stands in your area to display and sell Manushi publications.
Publicize Manushi publications in your area by putting up posters in prominent places such as schools, colleges, hospitals, and cinema halls. We can send you such publicity material on request.
Organizing display and sale stalls of Manushi at important conferences, seminars, and public meetings in your area.

2 -
Identify good literature (poetry, fiction, drama) in regional languages, which can be translated and published by Manushi.
3 -
Send reports from your area and encourage others to do so.
If you wish to write articles for Manushi, you are welcome to consult us in advance on the choice of topics.
4 -
If you are an artist or photographer, send us sketches, photographs or drawings that can be used in Manushi.
5 -
Most important, please send us regular feedback on the magazine and our other publications. Send us your suggestions for improvement. We welcome your comments and criticism on our publications.
6 -
If you live in Delhi and would like to become a regular volunteer, please come and meet us after fixing a mutually convenient time over the phone. For working out the details of this publicity drive, write to us as:
  Books, Films and
Music Cassettes
Latest from Manushi
• Women Bhakta Poets:
Contains accounts of the life and poetry of some of the most outstanding women in Indian history from the 6th to the 17th
century — Mirabai, Andal, Avvaiyar, Muktabai, Janabai, Bahinabai, Lal
Ded, Toral, Loyal. Many of these poems had never neen translated into english before  (Read More…)
Off the Beaten Track: Rethinking Gender Justice for Indian Women
Religion at the Service of Nationalism and Other Essays  
In Search of Answers: Indian Women’s Voices from Manushi
The Dilemma and Other Stories by Vijaydan Detha
Gandhi and Women
Voices from the Save Himalaya Campaign: Interview with Sunderlal and Vimla Bahuguna (Hindi)
Roshni: A Street Play & Manushi Geet (Hindi)
  Six documentary films by Madhu Kishwar
  Cards and T-Shirts
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