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Policy Reform for Street Vendors
    Issue No. Date
124 May-Jun 2001
126 Sep-Oct 2001
127 Nov-Dec 2001
128 Jan-Feb 2002
130 May-Jun 2002
135 Mar-Apr 2003
147 Mar-Apr 2005
152 Jan-Feb 2006
153 Mar-Apr 2006
153 Mar-Apr 2006
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• Zealous Reformers, Deadly Laws
This book, by one of pioneers of the contemporary women's rights movement in India, delves deeply into legislation and law enforcement to (Read more...)
• Deepening Democracy
Challenges of Governance and
Globalization in India,
Deepening Democracy brings together essays on enduring issues such as human rights, governance, and the impact of globalization on the Indian citizen. The covers a range of issues
(Read More…)
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